Public Markets


Long-Term Perspective

Harvest Growth Capital has a long-term perspective on the growth markets in which we invest. This perspective extends into the public capital markets through its affiliated public investment funds.

This unique background and experience combines the best of late-stage venture capital with public market investing and affords our investment professionals the opportunity to meet with hundreds of private and public technology companies. This valuable insight into emerging technologies, scrutiny of public competitors, and key market drivers enables us to deliver unique value back to our portfolio companies.

Public Markets Advisory Board

Harvest Growth Capital’s Public Markets Advisory Board is comprised of a select group of successful public company executives and public market investors who understand the wide range of challenges in taking a company public and continuing to build your business in the public markets.

Our portfolio companies have found the access to our public market advisors to be extremely helpful in preparing for an IPO. These advisors can provide valuable and unbiased counsel regarding the entry into the public capital markets. This counsel can often confirm or differ from that of a traditional venture capital investor or IPO underwriter, particularly given the different perspective and incentives.